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My Inner Munchkin

Welcome to Femininely Conservative. I started this blog to write about things I’m passionate about. Often that is spiritual or political. Other times it’s Femininely Geeky instead. Here goes post #1.

I love gaming. I’m at a unique point in life where I have a husband, but no kids. Our friends are mostly out of college, and meeting together once a week to play Dungeons and Dragons is still possible.

The adventure of the Renaissance Faire awaits.

We don’t always dress like our characters, but when we do, we look something like this. (Thanks E. Dombro for the pic.)

It is a bit optimistic to say that we play D&D every week. Some weeks we experiment with new RPG systems or other tabletop games; some weeks we spend the whole afternoon playing Minecraft and watching Adventure Time; some weeks we find a park pavilion and work on costumes for the Renaissance Faire. (Oh, those warm summer afternoons can’t return fast enough.)

But, whatever we do, we do it together. Hubby and I have known some of these guys for about seven years, having met them at a D&D game day. The dynamics of the group must be mystifying to someone observing us, because each of us has something that ties us to every other person in the group; our similar interests extend beyond gaming to music, philosophy, and all kinds of geek entertainment.

The faces of the group have changed slightly over the years as people, especially other girls, have come and gone, but for the most part, I enjoy the role of “token girl” like in one of those sitcoms. I’m sister and mother and friend. Just as I’ve played every role in the game from cleric to rogue, I like to keep the guys guessing.

I write a monthly “What I’m Playing” column for The Geek Girl Project, and the game I wrote about today is Munchkin. I think one of the appeals of Munchkin is that sometimes you help someone, and other times you work together to feed one of your friends to the monsters. Let’s face it, no matter how much you love your friends, you probably have had the urge to let the eels eat them once or twice.

I’m very excited about the upcoming International TableTop Day, a day to spend playing games with friends or strangers. I hope everyone who can will take the time to sit down at a game table that day. Whether you’re reconnecting with family you don’t get to see that often or meeting new people at your local game store, it’s fun to let out your inner Munchkin.

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