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Cold Milk and Hot Butter

Don’t you love Pinterest? My Food and Recipes board has this pancake recipe on it that promises they will be your favorites. I’ve never made pancakes from scratch; I always use some kind of mix. Well, I ran out of mix last week, but since I’ve been making friendship bread on a regular basis, I knew that I’d have the kitchen staples I’d need to make them from scratch.

This pancake recipe does not call for buttermilk, something I’m glad for, because I’ve never wanted to try the various substitutes, and I certainly didn’t want to buy it knowing I wouldn’t use it all. Pancakes are a treat in our house, usually reserved for Tuesdays (which are our Saturdays, due to Hubby’s schedule). This morning, Hubby has a bit of a cold, so I thought old-fashioned homemade pancakes would be nice.

milk and butter

The chunky milk and butter mixture looked gross and not usable.

It all went well until I introduced milk and egg to the melted butter.

Anyone who has ever neglected to wait until the butter was cool enough knows what happened: scrambled eggs. I was a little frustrated, but I had just enough butter to try again. This time I melted the butter and then set it in the fridge for a few minutes. I now know that I should have melted the butter first and also let the milk and egg get to room temperature, but I hadn’t considered all of the science involved in this and tried again.

This time, I thought I’d pour the milk in first, to let the butter cool even more before introducing the egg, but the result was still hard little flakes of butter. How frustrating! Now, if I’d had a little patience or presence of mind, I would have realized that the flakes of hardened butter were not the end of the world, and I could have just remelted the mixture, but I didn’t. I threw the buttered milk out and made breakfast burritos.

After spending some time researching, I now know that I can either simmer the milk and butter together or just add the butter at the end. Next time, I will try that. I also just realized that I had some leftover pancakes in the freezer that I could have brought out. Oh well. They will be there for next time

Got any tips for baking with butter? Share your ideas or anything else that comes to mind in the comments section. Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest!

Update: Finally… pancake success!


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