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Pancake Success

Chocolate chip pancakes from scratch

Chocolate chip pancakes from scratch

For those of you just joining me, I had a bit of trouble last week with the combination of cold milk and hot butter. It was my first time making pancakes from scratch, and I did not succeed. So, after a little research on helpful cooking websites, I figured a way around my problem.

I mixed up the batter, then I slowly added in the butter. It still didn’t look exactly like it was supposed to, but it sure tasted good. I threw a handful of chocolate chips in after the butter as a bit of peace offering for my husband. This isn’t a marriage blog, mostly because my Hubby is a very private person, but it suffices to say that I had said something thoughtless and thought chocolate chips would help us both feel better. I was right.

I later used some of the chips in my weekly batch of friendship bread. I also tried coating the pans with cocoa powder instead of cinnamon, as the recipe calls for. It didn’t work as well for ease of removing the bread from the pan, but it tasted great.

I’m excited that I now know how to make two things from scratch. I’d like to try another quick bread. (Nothing that needs to be kneaded, please.)

Besides comments here, which I love, feel free to send recipe suggestions @alliesings on Pinterest or Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Pancake Success

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  2. Hooray! We use this recipe for pancakes, and we love it! I use raw local honey instead of the castor sugar the recipe calls for. (Never heard of castor sugar before, but it sounds like it is ground more finely than regular sugar?) Anyway, these pancakes are sweet enough that we don’t even bother with honey, or syrup, or jam or whatever toppings. And we also don’t top with extra bananas. Just the basic pancakes. YUMMY!!! http://tarladalal.com/Banana-Walnut-Pancakes-(-Pregnancy-Recipe)-2936r

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