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Rand Paul 2016

Well, once again, I’m writing pretty late at night, but that’s okay. It’s still Thursday for a few more minutes, and after all, Rand Paul isn’t opposed to working late for a good cause; neither am I.

So, did you hear clips of Senator Paul’s filibuster? If you didn’t, there’s a video at Mediaite.com and the whole thing at C-Span if you really want to dig in for 13 hours of Libertarian genius. If you want a short intro to just who Rand Paul is, check out TokenLibertarianGirl‘s video. She’s been ready for Rand Paul 2016 long before conservatives picked up on the idea today.

Not that I’m ready to think about 2016 yet, but I think we’ve finally seen what leadership should look like, and it makes 2014 look a lot better. Did you know Rand Paul had filibustered the renewal of the Patriot Act? I think it’s time that we far-right conservatives embrace the Libertarians who have made a home in our party. We may not agree on everything, but we all want our Constitutional freedoms, and that’s a good place to start.

via C-span

Rand Paul on the Senate Floor. (credit: C-Span)


6 thoughts on “Rand Paul 2016

  1. I was so mad at McCain and Graham and their negative reaction to Rand Paul. Even Harry Reid had something genuinely positive to say yesterday on the subject. You can disagree with someone but admire their integrity. I don’t care with everything Paul believes in, but I do believe he lives more in the real world than his father! And he did manage to appeal to a wide range of people on Wednesday.

    I don’t want to think about 2016 just yet, but I don’t care for how so many people are dropping Chris Christie from their wish list. Christie wanting money for Sandy recovery was very bad timing due to the fiscal cliff, and it didn’t help that other politicians dumped pork into the bill, but when it came down to it he was doing what the people of New Jersey elected him to do. They elected him to lead their state and do what he thinks is best for it. When I see people from Iowa calling for a recall election in NJ I want to scream. People in Iowa should have no say in that. Cozying up to Obama? Well, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    I tend to deal more in practicalities than ideologies. What is realistic? What is a pipe dream? I’m staunchly pro-life but Roe v Wade will probably never be overturned. We won’t change views on abortion by banning abortions. Drugs are illegal, and you see how well that line of thought has worked there. We need to work instead at changing hearts and minds.

    Okay, I’m jumping off my soap box for now 😉

    • I’m actually pretty excited about a few Republicans that I’ve started following since the election. Chris Christie certainly can redeem himself in the next couple of years, and I also like Bobby Jindal. You know I like your soapbox! Changing hearts and minds is the inspiration behind this blogging project. Thanks for coming along.

  2. Somehow I missed this post earlier. I’m glad Rand stood (literally) his ground, and I agree with the commenter above that we need to be focusing on changing hearts and minds. I’m trying to start something locally here that deals concretely with that idea. We’ll see how far that goes.

  3. Im glad to have someone we can actually rally around who has some common sense and genuine convictions. The GOP has been like muddy unclear drinking water for to many years. What do they stand for anymore? I’m not sure. They keep saying one thing and doing another. I am impressed greatly by Rand Paul’s willingness to stand up for what he believes and finds it worth signing his name to it. Go Rand Paul

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