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Paul Ryan’s Budget is Important

Have you ever walked into a store like Walmart without a grocery list, wandered the whole store, and checked out, surprised to find that your little stop-in for a few things has accumulated to a lot more than what you thought it would be? That’s something like what our government is like without a budget, only instead of trying to save money by shopping at a discount store, they’re on a Fifth Avenue shopping spree with someone else’s already-overdrawn credit card.

That someone else, by the way, is us and our children.

Take our Walmart shopper again, this time under the sequester. Instead of looking into that shopping cart and removing that flat-screen TV, he decides to save money by putting back the gallon of milk.

So, why are people being furloughed and important programs being cut? Not to sound like some kind of conspiracy theorist, but check out this portion of an email from someone in the Obama administration:

However you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.”

Where’s the leeway to make the smartest cuts and make them as painless as possible? It turns out that they want us to feel the pain of it:

Our hope is, as more Republicans start to see this pain in their own districts, they will choose a bipartisan compromise over this absoultist position.”

This White House adviser sees no problem with holding Americans hostage for this blackmail, all in the name of compromise.

Paul Ryan

Rep. Paul Ryan, Chairman of the Budget Committee. (public domain)

Well, Paul Ryan has brought the compromise. In this long-ish interview with Representative Ryan on Fox News, he gives a lot of solid information. Here are a few things that stood out to me. He keeps the $600 billion in tax increases brought about due to the fiscal cliff. He would defund Obamacare and return a lot of the money to Medicare. He wants to give states the ability to control their own Medicaid.

And remember that his “cuts” are simply reducing the amount of spending increases every year. According to Ryan, the current path of growth is 4.9% per year, and he proposes 3.4% growth, which will effectively cut spending by $5 trillion.

Can it be that, for the second time in the space of a week, a Republican in congress has done something to get excited about?

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