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Memories from Earth and Azeroth

I attended a memorial today. It was for someone I didn’t know well. We had only met a few times, and actually spoken fewer times than that. Maybe it will make more sense if I tell you that we knew each other from playing World of Warcraft.

For those of you not familiar with Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs), I’ll just tell you that I play World of Warcraft, and if you’ve only heard of it, it was probably in the context of some “forever alone” single nerd. So, yes, playing WoW kind of does make you a nerd, but it certainly doesn’t make you single. It’s a thriving community, complete with friendships and romance.

Relationships form in a few ways in the game. The easiest way to meet people is to join a guild of friendly people. It’s a nice way to make acquaintances. Sometimes, you’ll meet through a mutual friend. Often, you’ll simply encounter a person in a random group or while you’re out in the world.

Gazebo behind the cathedral in Stormwind

One of the mourners planted a temporary tree as part of the memorial.

The man who we remembered today in the little gazebo behind the cathedral in Stormwind had been friends with a couple we play with since… well, before I was born. They introduced him to another mutual friend of theirs, and those two had struck up a long-distance romance, which eventually lead her to move across the country. They later became engaged, only for him to pass away shortly after.

So, she asked all of their friends to gather for an in-game memorial, so they could reminisce in the same way they had spent their time together. And they described all the ways this friendship forged in the game had touched their lives.


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