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How are three- and four-lobed peppers different?

Have you ever seen something on Pinterest and wondered if it was true or not? I always try to check stuff out before I re-pin it, so when I saw a picture of two bell peppers and the assertion that one was male and one was female, I was very skeptical.

I used my Google-fu and confirmed what I had suspected all along:

  1. The fruit of the bell pepper plant is not gendered.
  2. There is no distinguishable taste between three- or four-lobed peppers.


Three and four lobed peppers

The insides of both peppers had about the same amount of seeds.

Those questions answered, I still wondered about how many seeds would be found in a pepper of each type. I asked a few of my friends who garden, and Deb suggested that since the seeds grow on the spine between the lobes, peppers with four lobes might have more seeds, but she’d never thought about it.

More curious than ever, I bought two green peppers, got out my little kitchen scale, and thought I’d do a little investigating of my own. I’d tried to pick two peppers which were close to the same weight, and my four-lobed pepper was only 20g heavier than the other. Was the difference in the flesh of the fruit or the seeds?

Being careful to keep as much of the fruit as possible, I weighed the guts of both peppers and was surprised to discover that, according to my non-scientific scale, the seed portion of both peppers weighed in at about 40g. While I’m rather sure that a very precise digital scale would tell us that there were more seeds in the four-lobed pepper, it was certainly not a big enough difference for me to worry about.

My conclusion is that, since I pay for peppers by the piece and not by weight, I’m going to buy four-lobed ones for that little bit extra. Why not? And now I have a whole lot of diced pepper. Looks like I’ll be getting my veggie servings this week.

Check me out on Pinterest! And check out my gardening friend Deb’s awesome parenting blog. And here is something I found about no-mess pepper cutting.



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