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Pandora’s Music Box

whimsical iPod

Paranomia is responsible for the iPod-like image. Blame me for the random flowers.

Nothing was begging to be written today, so I checked the prompt lists and found this question: What’s on your iPod? Well, I don’t even have a working mp3 player, much less an expensive Apple product. What I do have is Pandora “internet radio.”

I re-discovered Pandora at my brother’s house. He has a station of light, easy-to-listen-to music, and it inspired me to make my own. It has variety from Doris Day to Michael Bluble. Because all the songs have words, it’s not easy to write to, but it’s good general background music.

My next channel is also impossible to work to, but I love it for cooking or doing housework. I call it Geek Radio. It started out with a mix of Jonathan Coulton, Weird Al, and Matthew Ebel. Later, I added a dash of old favorites like Allan Sherman. It never fails to make me laugh.

I like country music. I love the themes of love, family, faith, and patriotism. When I was looking for specific artists to exemplify my particular tastes in music, I chose Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift. I know it’s very un-original of me, but I can’t help it.

I do have one station devoted to music I can write to. It was actually a pre-made station suggested to me, and I do very little tweaking to it because I love almost all of it. It’s called Instrumental Folk Radio. I’ve added some instrumental hymns to it, but otherwise it’s pretty straightforward. I find it relaxing.

Of course, today is St. Patrick’s Day. When I turned on Pandora this morning, it suggested some Irish music, but I have a Celtic radio station of my own. Of all of my stations, it’s been tweaked the most. It has Great Big Sea, Celtic Woman, and pretty much anything that can be remotely connected with the British Isles.

PS: I’m trying out Slacker right now, but despite their claims, I find it even more repetitive than Pandora. I’d love to read about your experiences with Internet radio of any kind in the comments section.


3 thoughts on “Pandora’s Music Box

    • It’s kind of hit-and-miss because Pandora uses some kind of magic formula to suggest music based on your input. But, once you’ve spent some time adding music you like and removing what you don’t, it is pretty cool. You can’t pick specific songs. In fact, saying “I like THIS specific song” is pretty much a guarantee that you won’t ever hear it, only songs like it.

  1. My favorite Pandora stations are Broadway-esque and Kids Folk Songs. The girls learned a new song revolving around a knock-knock joke that they’ve been singing and revising ever since the day they heard it. Funny stuff!

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