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I Have Unspent Talent Points


unspent talent points

What am I going to cultivate in my life today? (credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

In an RPG with character customization, such as Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft, your character has points to spend that make it your own, make it better. These points have a name like skill points or talent points.

 Today, as I stood in my WoW farm, ready to start the day’s planing, the game flashed up a helpful little message: “You have unspent Talent points.”

 You’d think I’d be immune to messages like that because, to the chagrin of my guildmates, I am really bad at choosing talents, so I see those messages all the time. Today, however, I felt like it was a metaphor for my life. How much of my talent am I wasting?

 I could be putting points in the piano, or using it to further my singing talent. I could be using my teaching degree, maybe doing some tutoring. I could be devoting an hour or two every day to the novels that sit, stalled- out on my harddrive.

 Before I get a chance to go too hard on myself, I remember that I have chosen how to spend my points. I’m only human. I have to choose my priorities. Last year I “unlocked” the ability to write non-fiction. Now, I’m adding in even more points in social networking and blogging. I don’t know if I’ll ever monetize my blog or if it will open up new opportunities I haven’t even considered yet. It may end up on a long list of failed projects. But, the point is that am taking that risk, learning something new, and I like that.

 I can’t ignore the fact that I could be doing more. I’ve never been good at using my time efficiently. Tomorrow, I’m going to work on my baking skill and perhaps acquire a new tool for my photography skill. I can’t honestly say I’m doing my best with what the Lord has given me, but I can say that I’m heading in the right direction for now.


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