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My Husband is my Hero

Allie and Hubby

I was feeling camera-shy that day, until Hubby wrapped his arm around me.

If this post is a little late, it’s because I was having too much fun looking at pics of my Hubby on Facebook. But, just look at him! So, I’m definitely biased, but seeing him there with his arm wrapped around me makes him look like a hero to me.

 This whole thing started with a conversation we were having on our drive home tonight. We had gone bowling with some friends, and as we were getting ready to leave, one of the guys told a joke. It wasn’t anything off-color, but it was something that would probably have offended an extreme feminist. I took it as it was intended, and laughed. See, I appreciate that most of my guy friends (including my husband) are men. They’re rowdy boys when in a group, but they will also open doors and lift heavy things and do helpful manly stuff like that. If they watch what they say around me, it’s out of courtesy, not because I lecture them, because I really try not to.

 So, Hubby and I were talking, and he got around to comparing himself with Liam Neeson. I think he was going for that, “If anyone ever hurts you, I will find them, and I will kill them,” vibe. Well, I’d been trying to think of a blog topic for the whole ride home, and when he said that, I suddenly wanted to tell all of my readers what a great man my husband is.

 Some time soon, I’ll be writing in defense of the New Testament model for marriage. I think the reason I’m such a fan of it (besides the fact that it is endorsed by God, so it’s got that going for it) is that being in a New Testament marriage is such a profound, daily blessing in my life. Aside from my salvation, there is nothing else in the world that informs my every moment as much as my marriage. There is no person in the world who deserves my every consideration as much as my husband.

 Want to know another reason it was hard for me to find just the right picture of him? He likes to stand in the background. In picture after picture, he is there, behind me, behind friends, behind family members. Okay, he’s pretty tall, and everyone knows that tall people have to stand in the back for pictures, but still, it is true of his everyday walk as well. He rarely draws attention to himself, rarely stands out… unless he has something to say. And if he has taken the initiative, you want to listen, because it means he has thought out his words and probably won’t be inclined to repeat them.

 He was brought up by a quiet Pennsylvania farmer, and though he prefers games to guns, his roots run deep. He’s more like the stoic farmers than they give him credit for, just because he can more easily repair a computer than a car. Really, folks around here don’t know what to do with the geek in their midst, but don’t let his khaki pants fool you; he’s much stronger than he appears.


4 thoughts on “My Husband is my Hero

  1. What a lovely post! Praise God; it’s encouraging to hear of another strong Christian marriage 🙂 The pastor at our wedding said “Marriage done God’s way works 100% of the time”… and it’s so true 🙂

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