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Can’t Wait to Play HearthStone

Video game news days are some of my biggest days as a geek reporter. Watching a live stream of the announcement event from PAX East, then writing it up, formatting it, and submitting it to various social media outlets is hours of work. Joining conversations in various places is networking, getting my name out there. I won’t see my hits until tomorrow, but I did get a new “like” on Facebook, which makes me pretty happy.

Today’s news made me pretty excited. World of Warcraft is becoming a digital collectible card game called HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft, and it will be free to play.

My husband likes to play TGCs like Magic: The Gathering. I prefer the World of Warcraft TCG, just because it is so much like my favorite MMORPG. I’m looking forward to trying out the new game, which is supposed to be simple to play and doesn’t have the downside of being an expensive hobby. I’ve already signed up for the beta, and I hope I get into it. Betas are not only fun, they give me more to write about. Win all around.

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