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People Make Businesses.

I don’t know if it’s fair to preview a blog post and call it a post, but:

  • It’s pretty late at night.
  • Tomorrow’s Palm Sunday, and I need to get some sleep.
  • I want to write while it’s fresh on my mind.

So, without further ado, I’d like to talk about businesses. I was recently having a chat on Facebook with a friend of mine who is a socialist. I said that Obamacare is imposing oppressive taxes on people and small businesses.  He said that businesses aren’t people.

On the surface, that makes sense.  If you look at GM or WalMart, it’s easy to forget that every company started somewhere. It’s easy to see corporate greed and the messes that big business make.  But I’m talking about small businesses.  The game store that is run by one guy seven days a week, the new bakery that my friend just opened, the pizza shop that is one family’s sole source of income. Those are businesses, and those are people.


Hubby’s company works hard to foster a family atmosphere.

Even a larger business is still run by people. Tonight, my my husband was recognized for ten years of service at his job at the company’s 27th annual Employee Appreciation Night. Each year they pack as many of the employees who want to come, along with a “plus one” into a local hall and feed them a nice dinner. They open with an invocation, recognize members of the military who are present, and give service awards for every five years of service.

Tonight, my husband got an engraved watch in appreciation of his ten years at the company. At our table was a couple who both work there.  In fact, all around the room were couples or entire families who are employed by this local business, whose entire livelihoods are dependent upon the health of this one company.

There are big issues right now, with this or that company asking for relief from one part or another of Obamacare. We shouldn’t disregard their personal beliefs just because “a business is not a person.” No one should be forced to run their company in a way that is contrary to their conscience. I’m sure this will come up again.  Until then, goodnight.


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