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I interrupt the politics for… pregnancy

I made this blog as an experiment a couple of years ago, and now I’m bringing it back, with a more personal focus, and as personal as it gets, pregnancy. I’m ten weeks pregnant, which means my baby is the size of a prune, according to thebump.com. After experiencing two early miscarriages, which I will eventually write about, I’m super excited to have a ten-week ultrasound to share with you!

Baby O'Neal at 10 weeks

This ultrasound pic of my 10 wk fetus belongs to Allie O’Neal and probably my hospital and stuff, so please don’t use it.

So, I’ve never been super impressed with these fuzzy pictures that don’t look like much of anything. They’re the kind of thing you click “like” for and go on with your life, but I’m telling you, knowing that my little “kernel” has a strong heartbeat and is growing on target is the best news of my entire life. Seeing that blurry shape of a head and body, knowing that just four weeks ago the ultrasound tech could barely see anything… yeah, the word miracle comes to mind.

So, welcome to my new journey.  With prospective presidential candidates being whispered about, I imagine I’ll be getting political again eventually, but for now, I’m basking in the pre-natal glow and trying to manage the nausea.


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